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Coolmax has Cool Scarf Cooling Towel Air Cooler Misty Portable Water Spray
and other fantastic products.

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Market leader

Coolmax is a market leader on the market of personal cooling products in Central Europe. We have been purchasing our products for nearly ten years in the region, our assortment is uniquely colorful, which we are gradually extending year by year.

Product usage

The cooling products sold by us is used in a wide area: our products are used while doing sport, hiking, free time activities, and besides this they are perfect tools for marketing and promotion.


Our special cooling products are also used in health and safety at work, and in healthcare.

Cool yourself, not your environment!

Cool yourself down - they say - because if you do not get hot not only will you feel more comfortable, but you can avoid illnesses and you will have a greater chance of a long life.

Cool cooling cloth / towel is the solution for working safely even in heat – in everyday duty, physical work or in security service… See our
for the details of each product.
Health and Safety at Work
See our fantastic
for the details of each product.