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Do you know what HeatStress can cause you?

Do you know what constant high temperature can cause you?

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Heat can cause people serious health problems, therefore it is not enough to rely on the self-regulating temperature compensation of the body. Paying attention and good planning are absolutely necessary to prevent the many-folded problems caused by heat. It is the elderly who are especially endangered, among whom permanent high temperature can cause cardiovascular failure.

Heat is constantly circulating, so if we want to stay healthy constant heat dissipation is necessary. If it fails heat injuries / damage occur. When we work in heat, congestion increases. The working muscles need more blood, and when we move our muscles heat our blood. Warm blood reaches the brain and says to the hypothalamus that it shall cause the extension of blood vessel and sweat. Heat loss occurs through the immediate heat flow into the environment, and the evaporation of the moisture from the skin. The solution is to intake liquid in order to increase the amount. It is often not enough, though.

The COOL CooLINg CLOTH provides you relief and solution-prevention in a pleasant way for the following health problems as well:

  • heat stress
  • collapse due to heat
  • heat wave
  • heat exhaustion
  • heatstroke
  • headache
  • sea-sickness
  • hangover
  • muscle pain
  • menopause
  • carpal tunnel syndrome