Cooling Pillow product


The perfect addition to your bed, this Cooling Pillow will keep you cool even on the hottest nights.The gel pad will stay cool for up to four hours, after which it will adjust to your body temperature, allowing you to have a comfortable night of sleep.

  • Advanced gel engineering to cradle your neck and head perfectly, so you can get a good night’s sleep without waking up all stiff and achy.
  • Cooling gel technology to keep your head from getting all hot or sweaty, allowing you to drift off to sleep on a serene cloud of comfort.
  • A premium mesh cover that feels great against your skin.

A revolution in cool, Cooling Gel Pillow sleeps cooler and stays cool longer than any other pillow, thanks to its cool layer of gel fused onto Memory Foam. A 2011 independent test found the pillow slept significantly cooler than other sample pillows tested, including cool foam, ventilated foam, latex, fiber, and down. The pillow cradles your head and neck to relax your muscles and enhance the comfort, giving you a great night’s sleep.