Cool Scarf product

A cooling scarf is invaluable when you need to keep cool: all you need is a little cold water and the cooling scarf to make you comfortable and a refreshing neck wrap that provides a relief from heat whenever it is needed.

Soaking Cool Scarf takes 15 to 20 minutes in clean cold water. Take the Cool Scarf out of the water, and wipe off the excess moisture with a towel or leave it out until its surface is dry to the touch.Tie the Cool Scarf loosely around your neck or around your forehead. The Cool Scarf will remain cool for more than 48 hours.

Let us show you how to keep cool when you wear cooling scarf. It’s the added ingredient that does it: the phase-changing gel wrapped up in each scarf. And it’s tidy too; you won’t have water trickling down your neck, as the gel itself provides a gentle and persistent cooling effect. They’re available in a range of colours so they’re smart enough to wear on the golf course or at the tennis club, and they’re so lightweight you’ll hardly know you’re wearing one.

There are lots of reasons for wearing a cooling scarf to keep cool:

  • sports such as jogging, riding or cycling
  • in hot weather while gardening or enjoying your holidays
  • indoors for the kitchen or workplace
  • for your health and wellbeing – especially if you have Multiple Sclerosis (MS), or you experience hot flushes